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Our top 3 reasons why you need to give your staff a virtual Christmas party this year.

2020 was a year that none of us could ever have anticipated. But that doesn’t mean that the Annual Christmas office party needs to be cancelled. If anything, it is all the more reason to celebrate, right?

So, suit up, don’ your sparkles, grab a mulled wine and here are our 3 top reasons why you need to give your staff the ultimate Christmas party this year – virtually.

1.   Boost your team’s morale after a difficult year

Now, more than ever, your team needs a boost. Hey, who doesn’t at the moment? They’ve had to adapt to new unprecedented ways of working, whilst keeping the cogs turning in some crazy challenging times.

So, say a thank you for their hard work and make them feel valued by raising a glass to their adaptability and resilience, and giving them the party that they deserve.

But how do you make your virtual Christmas party different from your daily Zoom* meetings?

We know that everyone is suffering from Zoom fatigue right now, and you are probably thinking that the last thing your staff want is another virtual meeting. However, this will be no ordinary daily Zoom meeting.

This will be giving them the very best in virtual fun-filled entertainment. Here are just some ways of engaging your staff and filling them with that warm fuzzy festive feeling:

  • Build pre-party excitement – Send out branded and themed invites, or some party bags, in advance that contains everything you need to get the party started. Although the party is virtual, there is no reason why the invite has to be – everyone loves receiving a real invite!
  • Set a theme – go full glitz, black tie or compete for the Ugliest Christmas Jumper! Offer prizes such as ‘best dressed’ as incentives to get involved.
  • Create Merry Madness with quizzes and games such as Festive Bingo, Sing-a-long Christmas Karaoke or even a Christmas bake-off.
  • Get people up and dancing by having a kitchen dance-off with a DJ, a live band or just some laughs with a stand-up comedian…It is a party after all! And who wouldn’t normally be on that dance floor throwing some festive shapes to Mariah and Shakin’ Stevens.
  • Have a go at a Virtual photobooth experience
  • Go all out and create that ultimate festive party atmosphere with a celebrity host!

And there is always that added Party Goer Perk…you can do all the above whilst still wearing your comfy Christmas slippers – and no one will know any different. A blister free evening!

2.   Positively reinforce your company as an employer of choice

By rewarding, recognising, and celebrating your staff you will be reminding them exactly why they work for you. Improving your staff’s emotional investment into your company will keep them engaged and committed and, getting everyone together gives them the opportunity to reconnect – from wherever they are.

Trust us, your staff are going to love you for it!

3.   Opportunity to look to the future

From toilet paper panic buying, to lockdowns, to quarantines, to the dreaded ‘f’ word- ‘furlough’; there is no denying that 2020 is up there as being a crazy old year.

But- go into 2021 on a positive note. If you are the CEO, Director, or a Team lead, this is a great opportunity to inspire your staff with optimism, setting out strategies, and motivating them for whatever the year ahead brings.

After all, we all need a little positivity right now.

Are you looking to run the ultimate Christmas party for your staff?

It’s not too late! Get in touch with our team to explore our virtual Christmas party packages and learn how we can help you bring your virtual Christmas party to life.

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“With our original awards evening having to be cancelled because of Covid-19, Orchard found a way to bring our awards back to life virtually. The team were fantastic and put so much hard work to make this event work, from sourcing a top celebrity host, production of the event and sending over 400 goodie boxes out to colleagues throughout the UK! The event was a complete success and really engaged our colleagues during these difficult times”
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