Bath & North East Somerset Council

Sponsorship Evaluation, Consultancy and Advisory

Bath & NE Somerset Council (BATHNES) requested a study to determine the strategic feasibility of raising revenue through sponsorship of The Roman Baths.

Research & Insight

Beginning with a research and discovery phase, we considered The Roman Baths current position, audience, customer base and internal stakeholders, and finally, considerations in the wider sponsorship marketplace.

A key element of this phase was conducting a thorough audit of all assets, recommending where some assets could be strengthened, and which were the most valuable to a sponsor.

Consultancy & Advisory

We conducted bench-marking analysis using Luscid’s proprietary tools to show examples of sponsorship deals done across other UK-based tourist attractions and offerings.

Image showing visitors at the Roman Baths in Bath

The Feasibility Study

We presented a detailed Feasibility Study including a suite of recommendations and deliverables as listed below:

  • Suggested purpose position for The Roman Baths
  • Recommended partnership objectives and criteria to judge future partnerships on
  • Partnership model types and a recommendation for BATHNES
  • Full bench-marking analysis, with relevant UK examples
  • BATHNES asset valuation
  • Sponsorship fee recommendations for BATHNES
  • Detailed advice on which sectors and business types would share an audience with BATHNES

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