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Sponsorship Strategy

The client provide insight and research solutions to big business globally. They are well-known but looking to become synonymous with Energy Transition (ET) and increase consideration through this lens. ET is a cluttered space, and even more so for insight offerings. The client were keen to understand how sponsorship could help them stand out in this market, support them in creating engaging ET content and facilitate C-suite B2B networking opportunities.

The Approach

We reviewed sponsorship opportunities in the market through the following criteria:

  1. Can the sponsorship property credibly talk to Energy Transition?
  2. Does the property offer significant opportunity (specifically dwell time) to engage on this complex topic?
  3. Is the audience B2B and senior C-suite?
  4. The property must have a space for a financial services sponsor (which discounts many quality sponsorship properties)
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The Outcomes

Utilising our bench-marking analysis against the above criteria, alongside in-depth market knowledge, we made recommendations of four sponsorship opportunities at different price points since the client wasn’t sure how much they wanted to spend on sponsorship:

  1. Be a key sponsor of a global event (£££)
  2. Be a title-partnership of a global participation event (££)
  3. Create a bespoke event to meet all of their objectives. This would require a lot of client resource in addition to budget (££).
  4. Finally, we presented other ideas we had considered and the reasons for their exclusion

The client decided to spend time learning about sponsorship internally and building a team to be able to adequately resource a future sponsorship for the brand.

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