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The International Children’s Peace Prize (ICPP) is awarded annually to a child who fights courageously for children’s rights.​​

Since it’s inception in 2005 by Nobel Peace Laureates, The ICPP raises awareness about children’s rights, ensuring children’s rights are put on the agenda of policy makers worldwide.​

Reaching 3.773 billion people in 2021, The ICPP Ceremony took place in November and was live-streamed from The Hague.

​KidsRights is different to other youth-focused NGOs in that we empower youth to enact change, in the ways which best fit the issue they want to solve.

Previous winners include Malala Yousafzai and her activism for female education and Greta Thunberg for environmental reform​

A brand partner of The ICPP would ensure that children across the world are empowered to make the changes and be the impact they want to see in the world.​

“KidsRights gives a voice to the voiceless”
Desmond Tutu
Patron of KidsRights and The ICPP from 2008 to his death in December 2021

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